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Wild Walrus

Hello Users

Hello my fellow humans. Listen, I am not a lawyer, and I don't fully grasp legal speak. So I am going to explain, in clear language what Wild Walrus does and what features it requests and why...

General Systems

Wild Walrus is an app which allows users to easily generate random results by simply pressing a button. The random results can be pulled from one of two places. The first is a pre-made Wild Magic Result Table, pre-built into the App. The second is from three listed Custom Result Tables, which you as the user can fill in yourselves. You can freely edit the settings of what result types can appear in your usage, from which lists are used to how chaotic the results will be. These features as a base, do not require any features from your phone by themselves. 

The following features DO require some permissions to operate...


Unlocking Extra Lists

Wild Walrus, by default, gives users a free Custom Result Table for them to fill out. The list itself can hold up to 1,000 custom results.

Users can also unlock 2 additional custom lists, each allowing an additional 1,000 results, for a one time fee of $0.99 each. This feature will require access to the Internet, as well as connecting to the Google Play Store using their in-house systems. No purchasing data is sent through the app itself to any sources other than the Google Play Store.

Purchase Example.JPG

Sharing Results

When creating your own Custom Results, you might be tempted to share what you've come up with with your friends. Rather than require them to type out everything again, Wild Walrus includes a built in QR Code and Sharing Feature.

When you create a result, you can share your Custom Result by pressing the Share Button. Doing so will generate a QR code for your result and give you a screen-shot of your result to share as an PNG file. The app will give you the option to send the image through the sources on your phone, or simply save the image file. NO files or images are sent anywhere you do not specifically choose. Additionally, the QR codes only send a string of text which contains your Custom Result's Information, not a link or file of any kind.

To be specific, the App uses the Unity Asset Bundle

Native Share for Android & iOS

QR Code Scanning

Now, as mentioned above, you can share your custom results as a QR code image. However, without a way to use that QR code, you might as well be sending a picture of a sandwich for all the good it does. In order to actually use that data, Wild Walrus has a QR Code scanning feature, which allows users to Scan QR Codes and convert them into Custom Results to add to your Custom List.

This feature, requires giving Wild Walrus permission to use your Camera. This feature is ONLY able to scan QR codes. It cannot and does not take pictures, and if an invalid QR code is scanned it will simply state the QR code isn't valid. No data is sent anywhere but into your own Custom Result List.

To be specific, the App uses the Unity Asset Bundle

QR/Code Reader and

Generator--Cross Platform

Share Example.JPG
Scan Example.JPG

Enjoy your Walrus Magic

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